Your Girlfriend Thinks Your Jock Bully, Tomas, is Cute

How Tomas Improved My Sex Life

She knows how intimidated you are by Tomas, she knows he’s slapped you around, stuffed you in lockers, gave you swirlies, and even urinated on your head, in front of all his friends and yours. She still kisses you on the lips, even though she saw you kiss Tomas’ sweaty bare foot after football practice. She’s the one who’s helped you out of every dumpster he threw you in.

She’s not your bodyguard though. She needs to see you stand up for yourself.

But in Tomas’ presence, you always behave the same way – you shut up and take whatever he dishes out at you.

When your girlfriend says his name, you pretend not to notice her squeezing her legs together, or touching herself sensually. When she talks about him to you, it’s as if you’re one of her gal-pals instead of her boyfriend. After all, she’s made no secret that she thinks your bully, Tomas, is hot. You know she’s thinking about him when you make love, because her eyes are closed the entire time. You feel like you let her down when she tells you to fuck her harder, every time you have sex. You know you’re not giving her the fucking she needs.

You know Tomas can.

When you came to that realization, something ignited inside of you. You no longer ‘made love’ to her, you FUCKED her. Hard. She loved the new you, in bed.

Her eyes are still closed when you have sex, but now, yours are, too. Because the more you think about your bully fucking your girlfriend, the harder you get. You think about your girl impaled on Tomas’ massive cock. You blow your lead thinking about him throwing her around in your bed.

You’ve never shot bigger loads.

You have Tomas to thank for that.