Your Bullies Were Waiting For You in the Locker Room

You knew it the second you walked into the locker room.

Once your eyes met theirs, and you saw the smiles on their faces, you swallowed hard.

The one in the center is clearly the alpha of this pack. The ringleader. The one in charge.

If you slowly back-pedaled out, you might save yourself a swirly, or a wedgie, or a face full of armpit.

You’re not sure what they have in store for you, but the smiles on their faces showcase nothing but bad intentions.

The door is right behind you! Go! Leave now! Get the fuck outta there, man! It’s not too late!

That’s the voice in your head giving you logic and rationale.

You mute it.

You drop your gym bag.

You walk closer to them, kneel and look up at the alpha male in the center.

He smirks down at you, stretches out his arms and cracks his fingers while telling one of the guys to lock the door.

There’s no turning back now. You had the chance to leave and you blew it.

And you smile to yourself, with no regrets, focusing your eyes on the alpha male kicking off his shoes in front of you, while hearing footsteps of the guy who locked the door behind you.

Once You Entered the Locker Room, Your Bullies Locked the Door Behind You