How a Wigger Bully Humiliated Me in My Own Home

My protegé had a crush on my wife. His buddy, a wigger bully who liked to slap me around, encouraged him to fuck her. Then he told me drink his piss.

Wigger Bully Encouraged My Protegé to Fuck My Wife

Geoff was a protegé of mine at work, who lived in our neighbourhood. My wife had I had known him for over a year. In fact, we invited him to our wedding.

I married my wife when I was 26. She was three years my junior, and she was a couple of years older than Geoff.

I could tell Geoff had a thing for my wife. It was hard for him to stop looking at her tits or ass whenever she was around us, and I hardly blamed him. He was young, dumb and full of cum, like we all were, once. Geoff’s friends encouraged him to “hit that”, referring to my wife, boys being boys. They all wanted to fuck her, but Geoff had the easiest access to her, as he spent a lot of time with us.

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I wasn’t threatened by Geoff’s crush on my wife, because he was innocently shy. He looked up to me, respecting my authority just from our age difference.

But that respect went the window the more he hung out with his buddy Kyle, who I considered a wigger bully.

The Wigger Bully Started to Influence My Protegé’s Behavior

Kyle was a bad influence on Geoff. Kyle was Geoff’s age, but already had a police record, with charges of drugs and gun possession. He was arrogant and brash, walking with big-dick confidence. He was a big dude, but like Geoff. Every time I saw Kyle, a different girl would be swooning over him.

The more they hung out, the more Kyle started to rub off on Geoff. This wasn’t so good for me, because Kyle didn’t like me. Kyle had been at my place a few times, briefly to pick up Geoff. Kyle liked to pick on me, question my sexuality, isolate my physical weaknesses, and established his superiority over me a little more each time he came over. I never stopped him from helping himself to whatever was in my fridge, or complain when he (intentionally) pissed on my toilet seat.

I asked Geoff not to bring Kyle over around anymore, but instead of Geoff agreeing to do it, he advised me to tell Kyle myself. Not wanting to look afraid of Kyle in front of my young protegé, I asked Geoff for Kyle’s phone number, then texted the bully, with a message stating he was no longer welcome in my home.

Kyle immediately called my cell, but I didn’t pick up, trembling with each ring. Geoff was watching me pussy-out, laughing and shaking his head when I put my phone on mute. Shortly afterward, I heard a pounding at my door, and looking out my peephole, saw that it was Kyle.

Wigger Bully Took Over the Faggot's House

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The Wigger Bully Ordered Me to Drink His Piss in Front of My Protegé

“Let me in, faggot”, he ordered.

“No!” I said with a dry mouth from behind the door. “Please leave.”

“The fuck is your problem? Why you being a dick?”

“I’m not, I’m just uncomfortable having you in my home, okay? Geoff will be out in a minute.”

Geoff put his jacket on behind me, shoved me aside, unlocked the door and let Kyle in.

Kyle made a beeline for me and slapped me opened-handed across my right cheek. The fear in my eyes was readily apparent, as I pleaded with him not to hurt me. I could see Geoff grinning, recording the confrontation with his cell phone over Kyle’s shoulder.

“Don’t ever fucking tell me what to, ever again. Understand, faggot?” Kyle shouted with a look of disgust on his face.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” I begged, kneeling in front of him with my hands in front of me, looking up at this menacing authority almost five or six years younger than me. Maybe my behavior made him take pity on me, because when he saw me in that position, pleading to him, he backed off, looking down and laughing at me, with my protegé.

“Alright let’s go.” Kyle said, nodding towards the door. “Oh wait, gimme a sec. I gotta take a leak.” Kyle turned to enter the bathroom, but stopped short, looked at me, and walked right over to me with what I can only describe as a wigger-strut. Geoff and my bully made eye contact and broke out laughing, knowing what was about to happen before I clued in.

Kyle grabbed a breakfast bowl, unzipped his baggy jeans and unleashed a yellow stream from his thick-yet-flaccid dick. He then looked over at me and smiled.

“Hope you’re thirsty, piss-fag.” Kyle said to me, shaking any remaining piss out of his meat stick.

I saw that a big glass had been right beside the bowl he took to piss in. I realized the significance of his choice. I got into position, on all fours. My face hovering over the bowl of steaming piss.

“Good boy.” Kyle said, standing over me.