What Rob Told Me To Do After He Stepped in Piss

Rob sat behind me at the movie theater after stepping in piss in the washroom. He then put his leg on my shoulder and told me to clean the piss off his sneaker.

“Aw, I just stepped in piss.” Rob said to the guys as he sat behind me in the movie theater. “Every urinal had spillage in the washroom!”

“Eh…don’t worry, no one can smell it.” Andrew replied who was sitting beside him.

“This guy will.” Rob said to Andrew, thumbing down to me, resting his shoes right on my shoulders. “You don’t mind, do you buddy?”

“Mind what?” I said, pretending I couldn’t smell the piss on his Nike Shox.

“Mind buffing those clean while the movie’s playing.” He replied, Andrew snickering over my shoulder. Before I could even reply, Rob thanked me, then began a conversation with his girlfriend, sitting on the other side of him.

“Wait, what am I going to use to clean them?” I turned around and asked Rob, interrupting his discussion.

“Be creative. You got a tongue, saliva and that fruity shirt you’re wearing.” Rob replied.

“Eh…you gonna let him question you like that-ah?” Andrew asked Rob, instigating trouble for me.

“You’re right. Dude, lay down on the floor in front of me. You’re gonna miss the first 20 minutes of the movie.”

“Eh…the first 40. I want you to take care of my shoes next-ah.” Andrew added, an evil laugh emitting from both he and Rob together.