The Alpha Male Who Took a Piss in Your Mouth

Nothing puts you in your place like getting your mouth filled up with an alpha male’s piss while looking up at him for approval.

The Guy Drinking the Bully’s Piss Used to Be an Alpha Male

Watch this alpha male’s point of view as he takes a piss into another dude’s mouth. The little wimp starts off on his knees drinking urine directly from the alpha male’s dick. He could have said no. He could have ran away. But he didn’t. He remained on his knees and swallowed it all down.

This piss-wimp used to have a girlfriend, a large circle of friends and a great job.

And then he met the alpha male, and everything changed.

The alpha started bullying this guy, turning him into a complete wuss. At first, the wimp fought back, but eventually realized he liked being picked on. He liked doing what the alpha male told him to. The shoe was on the other foot, and the other foot felt very comfortable in its new surroundings.

Master Powder Blue Took a Piss in My Mouth

The wimp began to volunteer to do stuff for the alpha, including washing his car, doing his laundry and making him dinner.

The wimp didn’t do these things for any reward, nor did he resist when the alpha decided to make him drink his piss. The wimp thanked his bully for every drop.

One day, the alpha male decided to videotape himself pissing in the wimp’s mouth. The wimp wasn’t thrilled about the idea, but the alpha’s word was final. Within a day, this tape circulated. The wimp lost his friends, his job and his girl.

But the wimp didn’t care, because serving the alpha male was the only thing he cared about at that point. When his girlfriend dumped him, the alpha started banging her, sometimes right in front of the wimp. The wimp’s friends became the alpha’s, and eventually, he started drinking down their piss too.

And of course, the alpha got the wimp’s job. All was right with the world.

Master Powderblue can take a piss in your mouth. Check out his footage on MasterTim