This is What You Do With Your Roommate’s Shoes

You do this when he’s not home. You know he would kick your ass if he ever found out you were worshiping his shoes. He already suspects you’re the reason his dirty sweat socks keep going missing.

You don’t want to do this behind his back, but you can’t help it. When he gets home from weight training, or a big game, the scent that wafts though the air when his foot comes out of his shoe is overwhelming. You shut the windows and seal all the air freshers intentionally. He eventually lets in some fresh air, so the aroma has a short window of time before it disappears.

You’re getting more and more hooked on the scent of his sweat. The dirtier the sock, the stronger the stink.

You’re so addicted to the smell of your roommate’s feet that almost nothing can distract you when your nose is buried in his shoe.

But today is the last day of worshiping your roommate’s shoes.

You realize that the second you open your eyes and look up.

Guess who’s home…standing in front of his bed…looking down at you?