This is What Happens When You Say No to Master Alex

Master Alex told you to get him a beer. You said no. For that, you received a few slaps, his toes in your mouth, and his piss on your face.

“Get me another beer, faggot.” My neighbor, Alex, said to me.

“You can’t talk to me like that Alex.” I responded.

Alex jumped out of the chair, grabbed me by the shirt and slammed me hard against the wall. He was taller than me by at least 4’, so his stare down at me felt intimidating, I trembled in his presence, this kid at least five years younger than me.

“I’ll talk to you any way I want, faggot. You, on the other hand, have to be very careful about the way you respond to me.”

Master Alex Told Me to Get Him Another Beer

“But I—”

SLAP! “You what?”

“I ma–”

SLAP! “Get on your knees.”

“But Alex! I’m not g–”


I did as I was told.

“Let’s establish the rules. First, it’s not ‘Alex’. That’s what my boys call me. You’re not one of the guys. Wimps like you need to show respect to their superiors.”

“But you’re not my superior!”

SMACK! That last slap disoriented me, I could tell he was holding back with his first couple of slaps. Paralyzed by fear, I watched him unzip his shorts. Realizing what was about to happen, I tried to get up and run away, but his right leg intercepted me. He placed his bare foot down on my chest and pushed me with it, making me slide down the wall and onto the floor.

Alex rubbed his bare foot all over my face, his thick, meaty bare toe slipping between my lips. He suddenly pulled out, and when I looked up, a waterfall of piss emitted from his big dick and onto my face. After about 30 seconds, he zipped-up and asked me if I had anything to say for myself.

“No, Ale——I mean…I’m sorry…Sir.”

“Good boy.” He chuckled. “You’re learning. Now go get me that beer. Then take a shower, you smell like piss.”

“Yes, Sir.” I said, dismissing the fact that he was standing right beside the kitchen, closer to the fridge than I was.