My Sidekick Dragged Me Into an Alley and Took a Piss on Me

Andrew and Rob, 2 friends of mine, dragged me out of the club and into an alley. Within seconds I was soaked in piss while the crowd in line laughed at me

With my former best friend, Rob, beside him, my old tag-along friend-turned-bully, Andrew, dragged me out the side of the nightclub and threw me down to a corner with one hand. People in the line up across from us were watching as I tried to get up. I froze once I got on my knees after hearing this instruction from Rob:

“Just stay put.”.

Looking down at me, Andrew unzipped his jeans and whipped his big fat dick out – flaccid, it was still huge.

Andrew wasn’t looking at me with any emotion, really. Judgmentally, he viewed the person below him as beneath him, someone worthy of a blast of his piss, at best. I felt humiliated and honored at the same time.

Andrew and Rob Dragged Me Out of the Club and Took a Piss on Me

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I saw Rob and Andrew look at each other and laugh as my clothes absorbed all of Andrew’s piss.

When Andrew first started doing this to me, it made Rob laugh loud each time he did it. These days, my once-close friend looks at me with the same judgmental expression as my former sidekick. I feel like I’m a kid in trouble when they look at me, like I’m about to receive disciplinary action from my superiors. I feel like I don’t belong when I’m with them.

Andrew saw me as beneath him, someone worthy of taking a blast of his piss. I felt humiliated and honored at the same time.

When Andrew finished taking a leak on me, he zipped up and walked back into the club with Rob, without saying a word. I was soaked from head to toe in piss. The snickers coming at me from the people in line watching were warranted – the fact that Andrew’s piss was dripping off my hair was one thing. The fact that I did nothing to stop myself from getting drenched in his piss was another.

I considered myself lucky, yet deprived, that Rob didn’t piss on me too. He was either saving me from a double-dose of piss humiliation, or punishing me by not letting me have it.