My Boss Caught Me Looking at Pictures of Men’s Feet

My boss, Mr. Chad, called and told me he was coming over in twenty minutes. Panicked, I tided up my apartment as fast as I could, wanting to make an impression on him. For whatever reason, he didn’t treat me the way he treated the other guys in our department.

Plus it was my day off, so why was he coming to my home?

The last time we were in the same room together, I was being reprimanded by him. Apparently our I.T. department was keeping tabs of what websites the staff were going through at work. Tossing a report at me, it showed that I spent half my workday looking at pictures and videos of straight men’s feet.

Mr. Chad, My Boss, Put His Sock in My Mouth

It was hard to make eye-contact with Mr. Chad when he busted me, but felt less threatened when he slipped off his shoe, put his legs on the desk and told me to use my head next time, then told me I was free to go, smiling. He was observing where my eyes were going with his feet still perched up on his desk. Mr. Chad caught me getting a quick look at the base of his feet before getting up and leaving his office. I looked over my shoulder as I opened his door and saw that he was still watching at me with judgmental eyes.

When I answered the door, Mr. Chad made his way inside, his stock body easily bullying mine out of the way. I asked if I could get him a drink, and he told me to get him a beer while taking off his jacket and sitting on my couch, closing his eyes and exhaling. He looked like had a long day. Mr. Chad then lifted his legs and put his feet up on my coffee table.

My Boss Caught Me Looking at Pictures of Men's Feet at Work

“Well”, he said to me with a raised eyebrow. “These shoes aren’t going to take themselves off.”

I handed Mr. Chad his beer, got on my knees and took one of his shoes off. The funk of the inside of his shoe, combined with the stench coming from his black socked-foot was overwhelming. Rick kept his eyes on me while I slowly took his whole sock off. I thought he might have been mad for being so assertive, but he seemed pleased with my initiative, grinning and nodding at his bare foot.

Once I took it in my hand, he called me a good boy winked at me, cocked his head back, put his hands behind his head and sighed…