My Beta Male Sidekick Gagged Me With Dirty White Sweatsocks

My alpha male best friend, Rob, laughed at me as my beta male sidekick gagged me with his dirty white sweatsocks. Then they walked in on my rubbing one out.

There’s something quite humbling about being humiliated by your best bud and your tag-along sidekick of a friend, while your own wife watches.

Laryssa is my wife. She’s a few years younger than me, gorgeous and hot, with the face of Jessica Alba and the body of Pamela Anderson, circa the early 90s. She always has my back, at least she did, until she started spending time with Andrew.


Andrew is the kid brother of one of my buddies, James, who recently moved to another city. Andrew was a couple of years younger than Laryssa, and with no real friends of his own, always hung out with the guys and I when we went out – because James was around. With James gone, Andrew continued to hang out me, the only person who gave him the time of day, really. Most people couldn’t stand talking to him, as his topics of conversations consisted of science fiction, video games and professional wrestling. His wardrobe of choice was WWE apparel, and he was not the most well-groomed guy – he cut his own hair, for Pete’s sake.


Rob was my closest bud, but he wasn’t always. When we first met, it was through mutual friends, and he really couldn’t stand me, but as time went by and friends came and went, him and I were the constants in our circle, and we just sort of meshed together. He couldn’t have been more different from me, and maybe that’s why we liked each other. He was a jock, loved sports, always had a hot girl by his side, and was boyishly cute. He was always an alpha male, while I was always a beta, and while that repelled him from me at first, he looked at me differently the more he to know me. Still, there was always an unspoken pecking order between us, a hierarchy of sorts, if you will.

Rob Laughed While Andrew Put His Feet on My Back

Rob couldn’t stand Andrew, and treated him the way he used to treat me, walking away the second Andrew entered the room, not wanting to be seen with him, let alone get caught in a conversation with the guy. When Rob saw Andrew and me together, I couldn’t help but feel like he was judging us as a couple of nerds.

On one particular day, everything changed between the Andrew/Rob/Laryssa and myself dynamic. I had the day off, and with my wife out, I wanted to watch some porn and rub one out. The wife and I hadn’t been having sex in a while. Things kind of cooled off after marriage. In an effort to heat things up, Laryssa decided to not put out for a while, saving herself or something special. I had no idea what she had in mind, but I loved my wife, and went along with her “suggestion”.

It had been almost a month, and I really had to bust a nut. Just as I was about to sit down in front of the laptop, Andrew dropped by, looking to hang out. I told him it wasn’t a good time, but he just sort of walked past me, right into my apartment, and made himself comfortable. I didn’t want him to know I was about to masturbate, so I probably should have hidden the tissues beside my keyboard. I went to use the bathroom before sitting down with him, assuming he would just grab a controller and start playing some video games. Instead, when I came out, he was on my computer, and that’s when I realized my browser was still on some porn site. When I walked in, he leisurely got up and grabbed a controller, sitting in my seat, shooting a judgmental look my way. It was the smirk on his face that told me he discovered something about me based on whatever porn was on my screen.

My Beta Male Sidekick Discovered My Porn and Judged MeRob came over spontaneously to chill out at my place, so my masturbation festivities would have to wait even longer. Rob hadn’t realized Andrew was also over. Not knowing whether he should stay or leave, I encouraged him to stay, in spite of Andrew’s presence. I figured if anything, Andrew would leave, sensing Rob’s discomfort, but he did no such thing. I talked to them both, but never as part of one conversation, just separately, and that’s how things went until Rob, Andrew and I were all playing a particular video game against each other.

Andrew was trying to eliminate me from the game, as was Rob. Realizing they were both doing the same thing, the two laughed while I threw a hissy fit, getting by them killed in the game, and eventually, they eliminated me. Rob and Andrew high-fived, and just like that, Rob had no animosity towards my tag-along friend. I sat and pouted while they made small talk, leaving me out of the conversation.

My Best Buddy and My Tag Along Friend Bonded While Making Fun of Me

Andrew had a glass of milk on the floor and, lost in the video game, accidentally kicked it over with his foot. What pissed me off is that he made no attempt to clean up his own mess, he just kept playing the game! Rob noticed and laughed at Andrew’s indifference towards the mess he made on my floor, and when scrambled to get a rag to wipe up the mess, he didn’t even bother taking it from me. He just kept playing the game.

“Eh…that mess isn’t gonna clean up itself-ah.” He said to me, still playing the game, making Rob laugh even harder.

I dropped to my knees and began soaking up the milk, some of which touched Andrew’s dirty white sweatsock. As I crawled and wiped, Andrew lifted his feet – which I thanked him for – but surprised me by resting them on my back, exhaling and getting comfortable while still playing the game.

“Ahhhhh. No, thank-you-ah.” He said, confidently, once again amusing Rob.

Rob Became Friends With Andrew After Watching Him Humiliate Me With His Dirty Socsk

I pushed his legs off my back and told him he was being a big dick. He made some comment about being what you have, causing Rob to reach out his arm for a fist-bump with his new friend.

“Nice.” Rob said to Andrew. “Welcome to the club.”

Now my blood was boiling. My best friend and my tag-along friend were bonding at my expense, and Rob never once acknowledged the “club” to me. The duo continued to make small talk while playing the video game, and frustrated, I complained about cleaning up my sidekick’s mess, while he did nothing to help. Neither one of them was paying attention me, lost in their own discussion. Sick of the sound of my voice, Andrew whipped the sweatsock off his foot and shoved it right into my mouth.

“There-ah. That’ll shut him up-ah.” He said to Rob, who was in hysterics.

Andrew Shoved His Dirty White Sweatsock in My Mouth While Rob Laughed at My Mouthful of Stink

I spit out the sock and told Andrew to get out of my house. Rob immediately defended him.

“Why?” Rob asked me. “What’s your problem, man?”
“What’s my problem?!” I said, astounded by his question. “He’s mmpyphphhpphh”

I had not seen Andrew take the other dirty sweatsock off before he shoved that one into my mouth too.

“Nice!” Screamed Rob, who held his big hand out for a high-five, which was reciprocated.

My Best Friend Laughed at Me While My Tag-Along-Sidekick Gaged My Mouth With His Dirty White Sweatsocks

The taste of Andrew’s once-white sweat sock was gross at first. The second time I was almost used to it. The sweatsock was old, worn in, with almost all the cushioning gone. The bottom of his sock was dark gray, borderline black, and the smell was what you could expect from a guy who wore the same running shoes every single day for the last year or so. I screamed for Andrew to get out of my house.

“Come on, man.” Rob said to Andrew, dumping the console controller and standing up. “Let’s get the fuck outta here.”
“Eh…lead the way-ah.” Andrew replied, dropping his controller and following his new buddy.
“What about me?” I said, holding a wet milky rag in one hand and Andrew’s dirty socks in the other.
“Oh, you can keep those.” Andrew said to me, nodding towards his socks. “You can use them as your cum rags when you don’t fuck your wife again tonight.” Once again, Rob almost busted a gut laughing at my expense.
“Let’s go, buddy.” Rob said to Andrew, nodding towards the door.
“Eh…you mind if we make a pit stop at my place first?” Andrew asked. “I need a new pair of socks-ah.”
“Haha, of course.” Rob replied.

My Best Friend and My Sidekick Bonded While Laughing at MeJust then, Laryssa walked in the door, right as my best friend and my sidekick were leaving. The sight of them walking out together was incredulous to her, knowing both of their statures.

“Nice timing.” Rob said to my wife. “We’re headed out. Wanna come along?”
“Sure!” She said, processing that Andrew, and not me, was accompanying him.
“Eh…leave sock boy at home-ah.” Andrew said to my wife, nodding at me while laughing at his own joke.
“Sock boy?” My wife asked him.
“Eh…I’ll tell you all about it on the way, let’s go-ah.”

My wife just looked at me and shrugged her shoulders before her eyes caught Andrew’s dirty sweatsocks in my hand. “What are you planning on doing with those?” She asked me, trying not laugh like Andrew was when Rob made the jerk-off motion with his closed fist.
“I—I don’t…Andrew…he—” I stammered, but Laryssa wasn’t waiting around for an answer, listening to Andrew whisper in her ear, and hiding a giggle by covering up her mouth.
“Let’s the the fuck outta here.” Rob said with his foot out the door, Andrew and my wife right behind him.
“But I–”
SLAM. The doors shut behind them. I was left alone with an empty apartment and a pair of dirty white sweatsocks.

I decided to make the best of the empty apartment and do what I had intentionally scheduled – a masturbation session alone. I dumped Andrew’s socks on the side of my bed and went to clean up, bringing over a box of tissues before grabbing my laptop. I almost dropped the laptop slipping on the wiped up spot I had cleaned up, so I dropped the tissue box to catch my balance and saved my laptop. I hoped into bed and positioned the laptop to my right, pulling down my pants to my knees. The porn I had not logged off of – and the one Andrew had seen on my screen – popped up. As I beat off to it, I couldn’t help but notice that the couple I subconsciously chose to watch fuck resembled Laryssa and Andrew.

My Wife, My Best Friend and My Sidekick Walked In on Me Jerking Off

It didn’t take my long to cum. In fact, the couple in the video kissed, my cock started throbbing, and when the woman started to undress her lover, I had reached out to grab a tissue, forgetting that I dropped it on the floor to save my laptop. I was about to cum, there was no time to reach over the tissues, and the only nearest thing was Andrew’s pair of dirty white sweatsocks. At this point in the video, the girl had taken of the guy’s pants, and just as she was about to peel his socks off, I heard the voices of Andrew, Rob and Laryssa, who walked in on me holding one of Andrew’s sock in one hand, my jizzing cock in the other, and a visual of a woman who looked like my wife taking off the socks of a guy who looked like Andrew.

I will never forget the sound of them laughing. I’m not sure what they were laughing harder at:

  • the fact that they “caught” me masturbating to a couple who resembled my wife and my sidekick,
  • the fact that I was ejaculating watching the girl take off the dude’s socks with Andrew’s sock in my hand,
  • or the fact that, when I blew my load, the first shot hit me right in the eye, stinging me.

My Friends and My Wife Laughed at Me Upon Walking In on Me Beating Off

Andrew and Rob walked out of the apartment out of breath from laughing so hard, while my wife, trying to absorb what she had just seen, told me she convinced the boys to come back to invite me to join them. My best friend and my tag-along friend begrudgingly decided to do it, not wanting say no to my hot wife.

I did my best to explain myself, how horny I was, and how I wasn’t watching sock porn, or sniffing Andrew’s dirty sweatsocks. No matter how much I defended myself, the look on Laryssa’s face was one I had never seen before. She didn’t look heartbroken or even mad. She was looking at me like Andrew was looking at me, almost as if she had just been convinced of something. She told me she would be back in a few hours, and that it would be better if I remained home after all. As she walked out, I could hear her rejoin my friends outside my window, wondering what she was referring to when telling Andrew that he was “right about me”.