I Hired a Strongman to Protect Me From My Bullies

Luke, the strongman I hired to protect me from the neighborhood bullies, Kyle and Geoff, ended up fucking my wife with them, after giving me a wedgie.

When I asked Luke to move in with my wife, Alexa, and I, it was because I needed his help in warding off two bullies in our neighborhood who had been picking on me. Here I was, a grown man in my twenties, married to a supermodel of a wife a few years my junior, being laughed at a a chubby frat boy, Geoff, and an athletic wigger, Kyle, who were both a year younger than her.

My wife and I were not physically matched – she resembled a prettier version of Margot Robbie, while I looked more like Eddie Redmayne. To give you a visual of the bullies, Geoff resembled an older version of the actor Noah Munck, while Kyle looked like the rapper, Slaine. Luke had the resemblance of the wrestler and MMA fighter, Brock Lesnar.
Sometimes the pair of bullies would taunt me walking home, making rude comments about my wife, the things they would do to her, and the things they didn’t think I could. Sometimes they would fling food at me in public places. When I was with Alexa, they would hit on her right in front of me. To make things worse, my wife wouldn’t defend me against the guys, often conversing with them both while in my presence. She never said it, but I knew my cowardice turned her off.


I met Luke at a strongman competition – he was one of the weight lifters, and Alexa and I were in the audience as spectators. Neither one of us could take our eyes off this superman. My total body weight probably weighed what his bicep did. When we introduced ourselves to Luke after the show, I couldn’t help but look terribly puny standing beside him. My hair was uncut but groomed and I was dressed up in a shirt and tie, while he wore a tank-top, doused in his own sweat, his brush cut complementing his babyface looks.

During our conversation, Luke let it slip that he was looking for a short-term apartment in our area, and a light bulb went off in my head. I began to tell him about Kyle and Geoff, the things they were putting me through, and how I needed help keeping them away from me. Alexa laughed when Luke told me to “grow a dick and handle your business”. Luke became interested in my plight when I told him about the size of our house, and how we had plenty of room in it for a man of his size.

I offered to pay Luke for protection from my bullies, in addition to letting him stay in the house for free, as long as he needed to. My wife looked at me angry that she wasn’t consulted about this arrangement, but she also didn’t stop me from making the offer to Luke, who sensed how much I needed someone like him.

After driving back to our place and getting a good look of it, Luke accepted my offer. Squatting down and putting his arm around my shoulder, Luke then told me he would be taking the master bedroom. I told him that was where my wife and I slept, but he called not getting the master bedroom a deal-breaker. I was desperate so I caved into his last-minute demand. I was sure my wife was going to have have a fit about giving up her room, but Luke flirtatiously told her there was enough room for “a smoking hot chick like you in my bed”. He was only going to be staying for a few weeks, so I didn’t fight his request demand.

In the coming days, Luke lived up to his end of the bargain. Just like that, Geoff and Kyle stopped picking on me. I’m not sure how Luke got them to leave me alone. Sometimes when I saw the bullies, they would smile and give me a thumbs-up. I felt like they knew something I didn’t. When I asked Luke what he did to get the bullies off my back, he simply told me he made them an offer they couldn’t refuse. When I asked what that entailed, he lightly slapped my cheeks a few times (with his giant strongman hand), smirked at me, wiped the sweat off his body with a towel, shoved it in my face and walked away.

My wife and I started to grow apart shortly after Luke moved in, while she and him became closer. I offered to take the couch while she took the spare bedroom, but she liked remaining in our marital bed with Luke. I got the impression she was sleeping uncomfortably, as she often complained about her jaw being sore, and walked unbalanced coming out of the bedroom at times.


Luke ended up being someone I was constantly cleaning up after. Whenever he would get home from a workout, I was his human laundry hamper. He would toss his dirty boxer shorts, smelly sweat socks and sweaty t-shirts at my head, telling me to “clean that up for me, little dude.” I also found myself cooking meals for him (a man of his size required a lot of food, daily), with food I purchased with my money. I was washing and waxing his truck at least once a week, scrubbing his weight training equipment, and eventually, pretty much anything he asked of me. Sometimes I would make our his bed and find condom wrappers on the floor, so I knew Luke was getting laid, presumably when I was at work, since I never saw any women beside my wife in our home.

My wife said she liked the obedient side of me, smiling each time she caught me cleaning up after our athletic house guest. She didn’t look at me like she used to though, and while though we remained friendly, I could see in her eyes she wasn’t sexually attracted to me anymore.


I got the shock of my life one day when I came home from work the next day and saw my wife sitting on Luke’s lap. He was drinking one of my beers, and told me I was just in time to get him and his buddies another one. I looked over and saw Kyle and Geoff were sitting on the couch, their feet up on my coffee table, big smirks on their faces. I panicked – I didn’t understand what they were doing in my house. I swallowed hard and scurried to the kitchen, grabbing three beer bottles out of the fridge. I returned to the four of them, head down, and when I leaned over to put them down on the coffee table, Kyle sprang up and gave me the quickest wedgie I had ever received.

Overwhelmed with the sounds of all three alpha males laughing, I looked to Luke for help. My wife got off his lap, and Luke grabbed me by my pulled-out boxer shorts, lifted me up by them and hung me from the top of a staircase hook, so that I was hovering above them. I whimpered, not understanding what was happening. I saw Alexa cover up her laughter by hiding her face between Luke’s chest. Luke took his big hand, placed it on the top of her head and pushed her down to her knees. Luke then looked over and Kyle and Geoff.

“Which one of you wants to go first?” he asked them.

Kyle stood up and high-fived Luke, looking down at my wife, smiling down at her, unbuckling his own pants. I shouted at them, demanding an explanation. Geoff walked over to me, took a sip of his beer and gave me an answer.
“Luke talked your wife into giving us offers we couldn’t refuse.”


I knew what he meant my “offers” watching my wife’s beautiful lips swirl her tongue around Kyle’s beer-can cock. Kyle took no mercy on her, face-fucking her mouth while rocking her head back and forth with one hand. Their familiarity with one another implied this wasn’t the first time my wife had been on her knees in front of my wigger bully. Kyle looked over his shoulder at me, gave me the finger and smiled while thrusting his hips in and out of my Alexa’s beautiful face. Luke smiled at me too, giving me the thumbs-up with one hand and sipping his beer with the other, enjoying the show.

My Bullies and My Bodyguard Fucked My Wife in Front of Me

While Kyle was occupied with the love of my life, Geoff explained the context of what was happening to me, recognizing the confusion on my face. It turned out that Luke and Kyle had known each other, both members of a particular gym. When I told Luke about what Kyle and Geoff had been doing to me, the strongman had neglected to tell me of his familiarity with my bully. Luke explained my proposal to Kyle, and Kyle reciprocated by telling him everything he and his chubby frat-boy buddy had put me through. Disgusted with my inferior beta-male personality, plus their incomprehension of Alexa being with a guy like me, soon Luke had become my third bully without me realizing it. He explained to Kyle and Geoff how he planned on fucking my bride, offering to share her, if she was up for it. Much to my shock, once Luke started fucking my wife, he had her wrapped around his finger, and the idea of being at the mercy of her husband’s bullies made her wetter than she had ever been in her life.

There seemed to be more Geoff had to tell me, but upon realizing it was “his turn”, he ditched me to join the strongman and the wigger. I was ignored for what seemed like forever while Kyle and Geoff spit-roasted my beautiful bride. Kyle sat on my loveseat, legs spread, my wife’s head bobbing up and down on his chubby cock while Geoff’s stocky body thrust into her from behind. Luke sat back and watched, having already blown his load all over the picture frame containing our wedding photo on the coffee table.

I closed my eyes and tried to tune out the sounds of my wife screaming out the names of the strongman, the wigger and the frat boy, aka my three bullies, while hovering over them, still hung by my boxers. Luke eventually showed me some sympathy and yanked me down. The guy I paid to be my bodyguard told me this was his swan song, that he would be gone by the end of the weekend, much to my relief.

“Don’t look too happy.” He chuckled. “Your girl’s coming with me.”

I had thought that was the nail in the coffin, but Geoff turned his head my way and shouted something that made me gulp.

“Don’t worry dude, you won’t be alone.” He smirked. “Kyle and I are moving in.”