I Don’t Want to Hear You While My Dick’s Inside of Your Wife

Geoff told me to sleep in my own backyard, because he was going to be sleeping in my bed, with my wife...again.

“Yo, you can sleep in the backyard tonight.”
“This is my house, man. You can’t say this to me.”
“Dude, you want me to make an example out of you in front of your wife again?”
“Then sleep out here tonight, don’t bother us. If I hear your voice while my dick is inside your girl, I’m gonna cold cock ya.”
“I mean that literally. I’m gonna take my big dick out and smack you with it. You’re gonna get a black eye.”
“Yeah, exactly. So, where are you sleeping tonight?”
“In the backyard. I won’t make a sound.”
(slaps cheeks) “Good boy.”
(blushes) “Thanks, man.”

Geoff Slapped Me Across the Face in My Own Backyard