How Kris Hawk Became My Alpha Male Cashmaster

Kris Hawk Pissed on Me First, Then Fucked My Girlfriend

Kris Hawk Had an Invitation to a Fraternity

Kris walked with me around the school, explaining the rules. There were only seven spots open in this new elite club inside of his fraternity. Every member owned a wimp, aka someone who did everything for you, completely devotional. The higher the wimp ranked socially or financially, the higher his owner ranked in the club. Sounded simple enough.

I was mesmerized by this club. Even more so when Kris told me who some of the wimps were – dudes I knew of, who as it turns out, had been bullied into servitude. I wondered why anyone would accept inferiority so easily.

As Kris explained, to be in this club was to be knee-deep in pussy and popularity. Naturally, every guy wanted to be a part of it. The bonus of being such an alpha male, besides the girls and the parties, was the unconditional obedience you received from your wimp.

With only seven spots in the club, availability came when only when someone lost control of their beta. Any lost wimp had to be replaced by someone in just as high stature as the previous wimp, if not higher. You couldn’t be in the group if you didn’t have a wimp.

Kris Hawk's Initiation into the Fraternity Involves Humiliating Me

Kris Hawk Explains His Initiation to the Fraternity

“I was invited to join the club”. Kris said to me as we got closer to his friends in the parking lot.

“Congratulations, man”. I said, still trying to process the concept of the group.

“Yup, it’s gonna be pretty sweet.”

“Knee-deep in pussy, eh?”

“Yes and no”, he laughed. “I’ve been working one particular chick for a while and I’m finally gonna give her my big dick today. Actually, after we’re done. This bitch is mint”

“You seem confident.”

“I told her my plan as I was fingering her in class this morning.”

“Whoa, you didn’t get caught?”

“Nope. No matter how much she squealed around my thumb.”

“Wow! My girlfriend’s in that class, I wonder if she saw you guys.” That made Kris laugh and shake his head for some reason.

“So how do you get into this club, what’s the initiation?”

“You gotta get pissed on.”


“To gain entrance this year, you gotta humiliate someone in a really brutal way, the ante keeps getting raised. Nothing violent or bloody or anything like that. Otherwise, what good is the wimp, right? Naw man, I’m going to be at the top of this club, because not only am I gonna piss on this faggot, I’m gonna fuck his girlfriend right afterward.”

“Sucks to be that guy man.”

“Heh. You can say that again.”

“What kind of pussy would allow himself to be pissed on?”

“Pussies like you.”

“Uh, what?”

“Gimmie your keys.”


“Gimmie your keys, the keys to your apartment.”


“I just told you, dumb-ass, I’m going to fuck her after this.”

“…fuck who after what…” I stammered. I started to clue in on why Kris was telling me this as he unbuckled his belt.

I realized who the girl he fingered in class must have been.

“Um, well, good luck with that, hehe…” I whimpered, backing away slowly.

“You’re not going anywhere, wimp.”

Kris Hawk Shoved Me Down and Pissed on My Face

After Kris Hawk Pisses in Your Mouth, He’ll Fuck Your Girlfriend, In Your Bed

Kris grabbed my hair and threw me on the ground to my knees.

“Please don’t do this, Kris.” I pleaded.

“Give me your keys.” He said, sternly. I reached into my pocket and handed him my keys, hoping it would buy me some mercy.

“No girl wants to date a piss-drinking faggot.” Kris said to me, his stream sprouting right onto my face. It started to flush out like a garden hose. A thick yellow stream hit my hair and dripped down my nose and lips. Kris slapped my cheek with an open hand, being careful not to get any piss it.

“Open your mouth, faggot.”

As I did, I saw Kris’s buddies from my peripheral vision recording the whole scenario. I knew there was no way out of this, if I tried to run, his buddies would tackle me down and make this worse. I couldn’t report this, because I didn’t want anyone to know I had suddenly become a human urinal.

“For what it’s worth, I’m doing this under protest.” I said, piss seeping out of my mouth with each word.

“Shut up, faggot.” Kris said, annoyed.

After Kris shook any remaining drops of piss onto my bottom lip, he pushed me to my back with his boot and told me not to come home for a while. I was about to tell him I had to, as I needed to shower, but thought better of it, realizing where he was on his way to.

“Welcome to the club” one of Kris’s buddies said, high-fiving him as they walked away from me. I could hear Kris calling someone on his cell to tell them he was on his way. Why would he need my keys if my girlfriend knew he was coming?

Oh. Because they’re not my keys anymore. And then something Kris said earlier echoed in my head.

“No girl wants to date a piss-drinking faggot.”