Straight Alpha Male Bully Sells Me Dirty Socks for $100

“Want a front row seat, dude?” Mike said to me, smirking.

“Yeah, bro, for sure!”

“Alright. Get up.”


“Why do you think, fucknut, I wanna sit down.”

“Oh…” (gets up and looks around for another seat) “…you mind if I sit on the ground, in front of you?”

“Well, where else would you sit, dummy?”

How a Cashmaster Turned a Pair of Sweatsocks into $100

“Thanks man.”

“Here…” (starts peeling off sock from the top)


“You get the save marveled look on your face every time you see me take off my sock.”

“Your feet are a work of art. A masterpiece. I don’t—I don’t know how to explain it.”

“Don’t bother. I don’t wanna know.”


“Want a souvenir, faggot?”

“Yes, please!” (sock gets flung in his face)


“I only have a bill. $100 cash.”

“Perfect.” (flings other sock in his face)

“…thanks, man.”

“Thanks, what?”

“…thank-you, Sir.”

“No sweat. I mean figuratively. There’s plenty of actual sweat in that sock.” (laughs to himself)

“Money well spent.” (hides growing erection).

I Bought Mike's Dirty White Sweat Socks for $100