Take a Whiff of Your Blue Collar Buddy’s Feet. Or Else.

Muscle God Roy's Feet in My Face after Work

Roy Is Your Buddy

Your wife was out-of-town for a week. In her absence, you invited your buddy to stay over. He’s a bit of a dick, but you always knew that. What you didn’t expect was for him to take advantage of you from the minute he arrived.

He works hard all day, but so do you. When you get home, you’re used to your wife pampering you, and if she’s had a long day, you never had a problem taking are of her. But when your buddy gets home, he expects you to do things for him, too, in fact, he found it incredulous that he had to instruct you to do so. You made him dinner, fetched him beers and rubbed his feet.

You couldn’t look him in the eye when he whipped out his phone and played a video for you. After noticing his dirty socks disappearing several times when you were over, he hid a camera the last time you were there, because he had a suspicion about where they were going. You hung your head in shame as the footage showed you sneaking into his room while you were in the bathroom, grabbing his sneaker and inhaling it like a gas-mask. You cringed when you were caught on camera pocking his dirty socks. He laughed at you that he had jewellery and cash right out in the open, and yet there you were stealing something that cost him under $5.00 to buy – un-washed, on top of that.

Roy Looked Down at You With Superiority

You disgusted him.

You are conflicted with emotion. The idea of never sniffing those socks ever again sends you into a panic.

Everything changed after that moment. He could have just ended the friendship, but instead, he took it to the next level. He was going to make good use out of you. He laughed at you every time he stuck his bare foot in front of your face. You couldn’t taste it, you couldn’t touch it. He drove you crazy with the aroma.

You wanted to take a whiff of your buddy’s feet.

So he made you BEG.

What if your buddies had seen this? What if your wife saw this? How could she ever look at you as a man after seeing you on your knees sniffing your friend’s sweaty foot. How could your buddies ever look you in the eyes again as a peer. No one could ever find out what he made you do.

But he didn’t have to twist your arm.

He loved the way you pampered him, taunting you with threats of telling your girl what you were reduced to, making you hustle for him. In no time, he had you craving the taste of his sweat between his toes, the same way a smoker craves a cigarette.

You just assumed that he would keep his mouth shut as long as you did what you were told. Well, assumptions are always a mistake. He had no incentive to keep his mouth shut. He had content to share with the boys, no way he was going to sit on this one. He went wide-eyed when he mentioned a number.

“Dude, you went viral”.