College Jocks at the Frat House Next Door Fagged Me Out

I was invited to a party at the frat house next door by 2 college jocks. Little did I know I was going to be their entertainment for the night.

With my girlfriend out of town, I thought it would be fun to attend a party at the frat house next door. A couple of the boys next door, Geoff and Masterson, invited me over earlier when I was mowing the lawn. They seemed to be chuckling to themselves when I told them I was looking forward to the party.

It wasn’t great living next to a frat house, as they were loud. They had just moved in earlier in the year, and without them knowing, the neighborhood had a meeting about the ruckus the boys would loudly cause. The school decided to relocate the kids after this particular semester had ended. So we were stuck with the boys till the end of the school year.

I Complained About the Noise Coming From the Frat House Next Door

I decided to get to know the students better at the party. Geoff and Masterson were eager to introduce me to the 6’3” student body president, a wigger named Kyle, who was the only frat member that didn’t say hello to me. In fact, he seemed disgusted that I was even in his presence.

“Hi Kyle, nice to meet you.” I said to the alpha male of the room, reaching out my hand to shake his. Kyle reached out his hand, but used it to slap me hard across the face.
“You think I’m gonna shake your hand, faggot?” Kyle shouted at me. “You think I don’t know what you did?”
“What are you talking about, Kyle?” I said, shaking in his kid’s presence.
“Neighborhood meeting.” Geoff said, standing behind me, who I bumped into backing away from Kyle. Over my shoulder, I saw Masterson shut the door and stand in front of it, suggesting I wasn’t going anywhere.
“Because of you, our frat house has to leave.” The wigger said to me, looking down with a cruel snarl.
“Not just me! The whole block, guys!” I meekly pleaded. “You’re super loud!”
“So you sneak around behind our backs and get us evicted?”
“It’s not a big deal, you’ll get a better house!” I said, trying to reason with the boys, never feeling more inferior.
“That’s not the point, faggot.” Kyle said, crossing his ams. “You were the ringleader. Someone fingered you as the guy who championed this.”
“I mean…I’m the one who did most of the talking.” I said, angry that one of my neighbors turned on me. They must have done so out of intimidation by this massive wigger. “I guess I was the one who executed it…”

I tried to motion for the door, but Kyle put his hand on my shoulder, and I stopped dead in my tracks.

“You’re a pussy for doing that.” He said to me. “And now you’re gonna get treated like one.” All the guys in the room walked towards me, circling me as Kyle pushed me down hard enough that I fell to my knees. I gulped hard watching the boys unbuckle and unzip, all with smirks on their faces.
“Who was it that so-called fingered me?” I said, accepting my fate. I was going to confront this rat after getting out of my predicament.
“The same person I’ve been fingering for the last two weeks.” Kyle said, pulling out his phone and showing me a video of my girlfriend struggling to get Kyle’s enormous cock in her mouth. She wasn’t fighting him, she was worshiping him and smiling right into the camera.

“Now open those faggy lips of yours.” Kyle said, holding up his phone over me, recording what I was about to do. “Let’s see if you suck cock as good as your girlfriend.”