Caught in a Submission Hold, I Sniffed My Best Friend’s Feet

I Sniffed My Best Friend's Feet While in a Submission Hold

My Best Friend Laughed When My Tag-Along Friend Slapped Me Around

Andrew had me in a submission hold, my face inches away from Rob’s sweatsocked foot. It was humiliating – Andrew was my tag-along friend, making me look like a total wimp in front of my best bud Rob, the alpha male sports-jock, who didn’t even like Andrew, at least, not before this moment. The look on Rob’s face made it worse – he had a smile on his face you couldn’t scrub off. He was amused how easily Andrew had slapped me around, taunting me by his encouragement to fight back, which I had no chance of doing – Andrew had overpowered me.

My Buddies Made Me Sniff Their Feet

My Face Was at Eye-Level With My Best Friend’s Feet

Rob’s foot got closer and closer to my face. His socks did not smell, but there was a scent to them, a fresh kind of sweat. He was clean, but he also spent the last eight hours on his feet, so the outline of his toes and heels were easy to see through the white fabric. Rob’s size 13 feet were thick, so there was plenty to take in.

…Rob spent the last eight hours on his feet, so the outline of his toes and heels were easy to see through the thick white fabric of his sweat socks.

Though it was only for a short time, I was so engrossed in the particulars of his feet that I zoned out of the predicament I was in. I snapped back to reality when Andrew tightened his submission hold on me. Rob’s laughter was louder than me crying uncle.

1 Friend Had Me in a Submission Hold, The Other Had His Foot in My Face

I must have spent at least three minutes at Andrew’s mercy, but it felt like an eternity. I could have fought myself out of the circumstances I was in.  But it was the first time I had ever seen Rob’s feet. I liken it to seeing a rainbow for the first time. I savored the moment, knowing I would likely never be that up-close and personal with Rob’s massive foot again. If anything, I should have thanked my tag-along friend-turned-foot-bully, Andrew, profusely, for letting me get an intimate whiff of my best friend’s sweat-socked foot.