About Alpha Males

DISCLAIMER: this is a NSFW website and contains content aimed for adults over the age of 18 only.

Some information about AlphaMales.ca: the content on this website is fictional. You are reading stories about ADULTS being bullied by other ADULTS, consensually. Bullying anyone for any other reason is wrong, and we don’t condone it. Be smart.


The content on AlphaMales. ca involves consensual bullying from straight men. This is not a website that advocates violence. The scenarios you read about or see in pictures are adults engaging in role play.


In the stories on AlphaMales.ca, the protagonist in each story may have been an alpha male at one point, but instantly becomes the inferior once the alpha is introduced. The protagonist might be strong, but the alpha is stronger. The protagonist might groom well, but the alpha is boyishly cute and masculine. The protagonist watches sports. The alpha was playing in the game.

The alpha is always confident, borderline cocky. He takes what he wants when he wants it. He might not have a bully’s personality, but he becomes one to the inferior at some point in each story. In many stories on AlphaMales.ca, the alpha is usually someone “below” the inferior at first (younger brother of a friend, subordinate, intern, the college kid next door…). In most stories, the alpha becomes a bully at the expense of the inferior male.

Some stories involve the alpha male humiliating the inferior in degrading scenes. The alpha might piss on the inferior and get the wimp’s friends in on the action. He may slap the wimp around. He may make the the inferior do his laundry, clean his apartment and wash his car. He may even make the inferior kiss his big sweaty feet.

Some stories come with videos. All videos are relevant to the story, whether it’s about cock size or bully vs wimp humiliation scenarios. Some videos don’t have any cuckolding in it at all, it’s just footage of an inferior male at the mercy of his alpha, sometimes with piss, dirty socks or smelly feet.

We update AlphaMales.ca content daily. All stories on AlphaMales.ca are originals (unless otherwise noted, i.e. a link to a story, video or picture we like).

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